Filling Out a Baby Registry


Putting together a baby registry can either feel like a chore or like a fun project. Babies and weddings are about the only times as an adult where it’s culturally appropriate to tell a bunch of people exactly what gifts you want them to give you. So it can be easy to go overboard, registering for everything under the sun.

But that plan can backfire. Do it wrong, you’ll end up with a house full of stuff you never use, tripping over the Magic Sleeper Rocker that angers your new kid rather than soothes them. Kids have preferences, just like parents. With that said, here are some registry items that are likely to come in handy for just about anyone:

The List

  • Drying Rack – It doesn’t matter if you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, you’re going to end up with lots of little bits and pieces that need to be washed, either from bottles, breast pumps, or both. These racks keep everything in one place and keep the bits from getting lost. Register for a bottle brush while you’re at it.
  • Thermometer – preferrably one that measures temperature from the baby’s forehead. Because ass thermometers aren’t fun for your or the baby.
  • More Rags Than you Think You Need – Our first kid was a spitter, and in the first few months of her life she spit up, oh, fifty to three hundred times a day. So we stashed burp rages everywhere in the house – the changing table, the couch, the car. You’re never going to find yourself saying man, we have too many rags because my kid is so clean.
  • Swaddles – discussed in more detail here. Swaddles = comfort = sleep. And you want sleep. If you’ve actually tried to swaddle with a standard blanket and it keeps failing, you have permission to get one of the cheater ones.
  • Baby Carrier – there are a million different designs out there, but we’ve found this cheapie to be the best.
  • Dr. Book – Because looking up medical advice for infants on the internet is like staring into the howling void.
  • Food/meal planning – there are a ton of different options here, either delivery of entire, cooked meals, or meal kids. But you’re going to feel like you’re in the weeds during the first few months, and streamlining life will pay off.
  • Amazon Prime – Yeah, they’re probably an evil company. But when you haven’t slept for three days and realize that getting [X] widget means an entire separate trip to the hardware store OR three clicks, well….
  • Boppy Pillow – Oh so babies need their own special pillows now? Yeah, basically, particularly if your partner plans to breastfeed.
  • Diapers / Wipes / Formula – These all run out faster than you expect them to, and it’s nice to have spares in the first weeks. Note that your kid may be out of the “newborn” diaper size almost instantaneously.
  • Wubba Nub – Pacifiers are much handier if your kid doesn’t scream her head off as soon as the pacifier falls out of her mouth. These ingeniously solve that problem.

Done right, your baby registry will set you up for success, and keep a lot of useless junk out of your house.