When my wife was pregnant with our daughter (let’s call her “Belle”), I always enjoyed hearing advice from my friends who already had kids. Even if I didn’t take the advice, I enjoyed getting another perspective on how they do it. And since I’m the one with the kid now, I like talking with others about parenthood and fatherhood, and what we’ve learned and what we haven’t figured out yet. And now, through the wonders of the internet, I have the opportunity to have that conversation with you.

I don’t pretend to be an expert in any of this; I only claim to have the expertise of someone who has raised a daughter, and who cares about fatherhood enough to do some reading on the subject. So think of this less like a consultation with your doctor and more like a conversation with your friend over a beer. I think we’ll get along fine.

A few notes on process around here. My daughters are not actually named Belle and Scout. When I’m referring to a kid generically, I’ll usually refer to “her,” because I have daughters and because it’s dumb that we don’t have a proper gender-neutral pronoun in all of the English language. When I link to something, usually it’s an affiliate link to Amazon so we can keep the lights on, but I won’t endorse a product I haven’t used and like. And if you have any feedback, feel free to contact me here

Thanks, and enjoy.